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Zitat des Tages #1

Zum Video: Paul Gilbert – Down to Mexico:


someone needs to tell petrucci to stop wishing he was as cool as gilbert
All ur riffz are belong to paul

havent you heard? thats the trick to songwriting, all you do is pay Paul Gilbert to write you songs. He’s actually Bach’s reincarnation, except now he has distortion and tassles.


are u serious? xD cant really believe that JPs riffs are written by paul gilbert :D


obviously not, im not a fool
jp is sick, plus he looks like a bear now

him and paul at g3… cream

Ach übrigens:

Wenn auch du endlich mehr Fortschritte auf der Gitarre machen willst, solltest du unbedingt das hier lesen: Hier klicken!

Seitdem ich die Seite kenn, haben sich mein Erfolgsmomente auf der Gitarre verdoppelt. (!) Also: Hier klicken!

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